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Ever since the very first virus, “The Creeper,” was discovered in 1970, companies that rely on technology have been on the outlook for a networking solution that guarantees security. This need has become more pronounced as businesses grow increasingly dependent on automation and digital connectivity.

Mainstream 4G networks can no longer guarantee security and are prone to cyber attacks, data breaches, and information leaks.


What Is Aora1?

Aora1 is a non-public cellular network. It has the capacity to link thousands of devices and machinery with the reduced visibility and high bandwidth of an isolated 5G network. It promises connectivity that is:
More secure
It boasts the elasticity to be scaled up or down. It can be tailored according to the needs of any corporation looking to acquire a locked private network.

Aora1 reduces an organization's dependency on contractors and gives back autonomy over its operational devices. Additionally, it gives higher speed connectivity of 5G and supplementary security than any conventional 4G network.
Aora1 is simple to set up and manage. Interested organizations can specify the required coverage and capacity at the time of placing the order. All related software and hardware are included in the package that’s delivered to the client. Set-up is as easy as connecting Electric and internet supplies to servers and micro-cells.

The private cellular network can be activated by entering the included code for automatic network configuration. The users will then simply insert the SIM cards into their devices to log on to the system.

The business model of Aora1 varies upon each user and how they chose to employ the system. A smaller set-up, for example, that connects about 10 users would cost 500 € monthly. A larger network of up to a hundred devices would cost about 1000 € monthly. It’s simple to increase the network size and clients are only charged for the volume and throughput they consume.

These are just mock-up calculations for the business model. A more in-depth business plan is separately available for interested parties.

Business Model and How It Works

Potential Target Audience

Any industry that requires a secure, area-specific connection is basically a potential customer. Organizations dealing with highly sensitive customer data of personal nature are especially in need of a safer networking option. The potential target audience for Aora1 are businesses in the fields of:
High-Security Industries
Entertainment VIP Communities
Utility providers
Public security
Aora1 gives its people the highest level of privacy and anonymity possible. Within this secret network, users can talk, text, or trade data without anyone else being able to hear.

In more and more industries, people are realizing how important strict security measures are to the long-term success and revenue of a business.

Target Audience: Financial institutions, healthcare providers, intelligent factories

Unique Selling Proposition: A robust, high-speed, fully customizable private 5G network

Marketing Channels:
  • Digital: Blogs, LinkedIn, and targeted email ads
  • Traditional: Industry conferences and paper ads
  • Strategic Alliances: Partnerships with companies that make IoT devices and experts in hacking

Final Thoughts: Aora1's marketing plan focuses on identifying the target audience, highlighting the unique selling points, using a diverse marketing approach, forming strategic alliances, and evaluating achievements to make Aora1 the go-to solution for a secure private 5G network.

Marketing Strategy

The target seed fund is €3 million. summarized as follows:

  • Product Development 50% (€1.5 million): A top-notch mobile app for frictionless trading, enhancing security measures to safeguard user data.
  • Marketing and branding 30% (€900K): AORA1's European campaign.
  • User Experience Optimization 20% (€600K): Investing in intuitive design and user-friendly interfaces, streamlining customer support processes to handle queries and concerns promptly.

Potential Fundraising