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SoundOne will pave the way for creative commerce in the future. The importance and popularity of this trend are currently going through the roof, and it doesn't seem to be just a Gen Z thing anymore.

In an age where iTunes and Spotify are so popular, it's hard for artists to make money from their work and keep ownership of their songs. SoundOne tokens are an innovative way to solve these problems in business.

Pioneers like electronic music artist 3LAU, who released the world's first tokenized album and made an incredible $3.6 million, are leading the way. Shakira and BossLogic recently worked together to launch Shakira's exclusive SoundOne coin, which is also worth mentioning. These things show that the music business is changing, which makes SoundOne tokens more than just a passing fad.


What is SoundOne?

SoundOne tokens can be used to buy and sell the legal rights to a piece of music. Like Binance and Coinbase, NFT Music Startup is a platform that makes these kinds of transfers possible.

What SoundOne is all about is as follows:
  • It is a marketplace that uses blockchain technology to link buyers and artists for secure trade.
  • It's an exciting group of people who support and promote music.
  • It's a startup democratizing music royalty investments using SoundOne tokens.
  • It's a business that works to give artists fair pay and control over their work.
  • It's a tool that makes it easier to access and sell music rights so that they can be valued more fairly.
  • It's a brand that uses SoundOne tokens to keep track of music rights, fees, and earnings.

Business Model and How It Works

The way SoundOne works is based on a commission system. Artists and buyers can sign up by going through a simple process to prove who they are. Then, artists can list the rights to their songs as SoundOne tokens that can be bought on the blockchain.

Investors can look through the SoundOne sets to get a sense of the market before they buy.

In addition to the original payment, artists get royalties every time their work is traded or played on a streaming platform. SoundOne also gets a fee. SoundOne is also compensated. SoundOne receives a 2.5% commission on all sales made through their website or app.

Those who want to buy a SoundOne token can pay with either Ethereum or Algorand. The site plans to add more cryptocurrencies in the future, which will give users more options.

Potential Target Audience

The SoundOne platform is tailored to meet the needs of musicians who want to keep ownership of their work even as they distribute it all over the globe. This includes fans who wish to invest in the future of each artist.

Our platform targets music enthusiasts, developers, and artists alike.

This is the first time that music fans can financially benefit from their efforts to promote their favorite bands and musicians. By sharing in their idol's achievement, fans can feel more connected to their heroes. Fans desire quick and simple investment options that are equally easy to liquidate when the time comes. And that's exactly what SoundOne tokens offer.
Our brand mission at SoundOne up is two-fold: Making sure artists are paid what they're worth. Providing music fans with attractive investment opportunities.

Our advertising campaign's emphasis is on spreading information about SoundOne tokens and their value as an investment.

Artist Spotlight:
Promoting artists is one of our main missions, therefore we'll frequently release exclusive content like interviews, demos, and live performances. Our online advertising campaign educates consumers about the launch of the SoundOne token.

Engaging Content:
Consistently Entertaining Material: Music Hits the Soul. SoundOne's online profile can benefit from engaging blogs and SEO-optimized material to increase its exposure to potential investors and partners.

Success Stories:
Providing examples of previously traded and sold SoundOne tokens increases the trust of potential buyers as well as sellers.

Active Forum Engagement:
By placing ads on popular music forums, we may attract music fans who want to hear about our upcoming releases and join our safe trading platform.

Marketing Strategy

SoundOne is raising €5 million in seed money to start its innovative platform. Their investment strategy:

  • 40% (€2 million) will go toward a user-friendly mobile app for investors to trade on the go.
  • 30% (€1.5 million) goes to a European marketing campaign to boost brand recognition and build a strong SoundOne community.
  • 30% (€1.5 million) will be spent improving the user experience on their website and mobile app.

SoundOne is well-positioned for funding in the crypto and AI boom. If they give 20% shares for €5 million, the pre-money valuation is €25 million. Post-funding valuation is expected to reach €30 million.

Potential Fundraising